New Explorers

AGES 13 - 20 Months

Toddler Sense gently introduces New Explorers to equipment and activities that are suitable for their age and stage of development. These sessions are perfect for newly mobile toddlers whether they are walking, crawling, bottom-shuffling or moving in their own unique style!

New Explorer classes start in the adventure play area where your little one can safely investigate the equipment with you. After 25 minutes, a change in music signals the transition to the activity area. Once everyone is seated comfortably, we always begin with our ‘How Do You Do?’ song, which involves singing and rhythm sticks.

You will then take part in structured activities led by the class leader. These activities are linked to the theme of the week and often involve lots of props such as ribbons, pom poms, shakers, light toys, play parachutes and much more. They also provide a wealth of ideas to take home. Every session ends with our ‘Say Goodbye’ song.

Fully trained and accredited Class Leaders and Party Hosts

Class Details

For quick reference here are a few figures on age groups, class sizes and term prices.

New Explorer Age Group
13 - 21 Months
Adventurer Age Group
22 Months - 4 Years
Maximum Class Size
18 Children
£90 per 10 week term

You won’t find a better toddler group in Jersey

Watch a Class Setup

Or rather in this case, watch a class set itself up!.


Everyone is made to feel welcome at Toddler Sense Jersey.


We have a wide range of fun and educational equipment.


Our team is fully accredited and Sam is a qualified teacher.


As well as being lots of fun our classes help your children to learn.


Toddler Sense Jersey has been running since 2010.


Our classes are designed to develop new skills.